Amazon just accidentally leaked details about 2 new Alexa devices ahead of an event today

  • Listings for an Amazon Echo Sub subwoofer and an Amazon Smart Plug were leaked ahead of a company event on Thursday.
  • The subwoofer is designed to work with Amazon’s Echo speakers, which would also get stereo sound functionality, according to the leaked listings on Amazon UK first spotted by the website Pocket-lint.
  • The Amazon Smart Plug would give basic Alexa functionality to devices plugged into it.
  • The devices could become available on October 11, according to Pocket-lint.

Two new Amazon devices were leaked on Amazon’s UK website ahead of a company event in Seattle on Thursday.

The devices, whose listings were first spotted by the website Pocket-lint, are a £75 (about $100) subwoofer called the Echo Sub and a £95 (about $125) smart plug called, well, the Amazon Smart Plug.

The Echo Sub is designed to accompany Amazon’s Echo and Echo Plus smart speakers for a fuller, deeper sound. Indeed, a subwoofer would add much-needed bass to Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers, which critics say have a relatively thin sound compared with speakers like the Alexa-powered Sonos One.

Leaked Amazon Sub image
Leaked Amazon Sub image

Amazon UK via PocketLint

The listing also notes a new feature that enables two compatible Echo speakers to pair together and deliver true stereo sound. Currently, Amazon’s Echo speakers can be paired, but not in stereo — the sound isn’t separated into left and right channels, but simply duplicated. Adding stereo functionality could allow Echo speakers to deliver a more dynamic sound and better position Echo devices as primary sound systems rather than only smart speakers.

The Smart Plug is a wall-power-outlet adapter designed to give basic Alexa functionality to any device plugged into it. For example, a lamp plugged into the Smart Plug could be controlled with Alexa using your voice at home or the app while you’re away, or you could set a schedule to turn it on and off.

Leaked Amazon Smart Plug
Leaked Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon UK via Pocket-lint

The Smart Plug’s price tag seems a bit steep compared with other smart plugs sold on Amazon that also work with Alexa and cost $10 to $30. We might find out during Amazon’s event why the Smart Plug is so expensive.

Both device listings showed availability on October 11, according to Pocket-lint.

We’re likely to get the details of these new devices on Thursday — if Amazon plans to announce them during the event. Other previously rumored products, like a smart microwave, could also be announced.

Business Insider is at the event, so head over to the Tech Insider homepage after 1 p.m. ET for the latest.

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