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Daniel Dhers competes in the Cycling BMX Freestyle final on August 1.
Daniel Dhers competes in the Cycling BMX Freestyle final on August 1. (Photo by Sebastian Gollnow/picture alliance/Getty Images)

Venezuelan BMX freestyle rider Daniel Dhers has been in the game for decades, but this is the first year his sport has been part of the Olympics giving him the opportunity to demonstrate his skill and athleticism to the world.

The 36-year-old Dhers nabbed the silver medal behind Australia’s Logan Martin who is almost 10 years younger than the Venezuelan.

Fresh off his Olympic high, Dhers brought his energy to the CNN set in Tokyo describing to CNN”s Elizabeth Pérez how much this moment means to him.

“I think it’s been super important to be able to showcase freestyle BMX on the biggest stage in the world. BMX Freestyle has come a long way, we used to go out in the streets, kind of create havoc. Now, we are real athletes. The Olympics solidified that position for us.

“We take care of our body, we take care of our minds and we just love to do crazy tricks. I’m glad, I’m so psyched that people back at home are watching it, enjoying it because it’s a beautiful sport. To me, it means the world that we finally made it to the big event.”

Dhers was beyond excited for his first time at the Olympics getting to meet athletes from countries all over the world.

“I kept asking people, ‘Hey where are you from? Kenya — oh that’s awesome.’ All sorts of crazy places that I don’t know if i’ll ever be able to go there, but those places united here and we all had a massive party in the sense of, hey we are having a sports party, so it was awesome.”

But will we see Dhers at the Paris games in. 2024? According to Dhers, yes. “You will see me in Paris. So stay tuned.”

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